McCain Scores


The three presidential candidates with a chance to win made cameo appearances on American Idol last night as part of its "Gives Back" charity special. John McCain,the oldest demo in the group came off as the most comfortable and entertaining of the lot on a show.

While Senators Clinton and Obama were earnest in their appeals for money for various charities, with Obama invokinga more just, equal and hopeful society, McCain delivered his appeal with a twinkle and a couple of good jokes.

He compared the American Idol voters to the voting population, except, he added, that on Idol, the votes from Michigan and Florida count. That was a shot at the Democrats, whose primaries in those states did not count toward the delegate totals, at least not yet.

After making his appeal for help for the less fortunate around the world, he said he had to get back to working on a new immigration bill. "Watch your back, Simon," he said of the Brit judge who draws hoots and boos for his usually spot-on assessments of the talents of the contestants.