Marathoner's Good Deed Caught on Video


Amidst the daily dose of doom and gloom we’re getting in the papers and on the news, here’s a happy story for y’all from the Chicago Marathon last weekend. An experienced marathoner named Tom Bedics was en route to a pretty impressive 3:20 time, which would’ve been good enough to get him into the Boston Marathon in the spring. But Bedics collapsed about 10 yards before the finish line and attempted to crawl the rest of the way. 

As a number of runners chugged past, a pair of do-gooders, including a young man named Ryan McDevitt, stopped to pick Bedics up and walk him over the line. 

WFLD Chicago has some interesting footage, and Mike and Juliet brought Bedics and McDevitt together during their show. 

The other do-gooder remains unidentified and at large.