Manny Being Manny…A Clown


Dodgers slugger Manny Ramirez has been suspended for 50 games for taking a banned substance. He says he didn’t take steroids. The Associated Press says he took a female fertility drug. I think I’d rather admit to steroids.

I’m sure in coming days we’ll get another slew of media stories about how The Steroids Era just won’t go away, so it bears repeating what I have said in the past – as a television product, this won’t hurt Major League Baseball as a whole one bit.

Sure, Dodgers ratings may be down a little if some people just tuned in to see the dreadlocked slugger, or if the Dodgers go in the tank without their lethal weapon.

But fans are so used to the steroid stories that I think we basically assume every player at this point either has or does use something they’re not supposed to.

So what I do know, is that baseball as a TV product won’t take much of a shot, if any, from Manny’s idiocy.

What I don’t know, is what to tell my three-year-old about why his favorite Dodger won’t be playing when we go to the game this Saturday.