Luke, I Am Your Father


It's hard to tell who made the bigger impression at the Senate Commerce Committee's renomination hearing Tuesday, Kevin Martin or son, Luke.

Martin, the younger, just shy of a year, was not shy about communicating with those arond him at his dad's renomination hearing. Mom had to leave at least once as the youngster provided a running commentary, if unintelligible, to some questions and answers.

He definitely brought the parent, more like grandparent, out in many of the legislators.

Barbara Boxer, a Martin foe–on issues at least–who Luke (coincidentlly?) seemed to upstage a tad more than the rest, professed that she wanted to hold him.

"You can give him to me," said committee Chairman Ted Stevens at one point to Martin, adding: "You can have more, I can't."

Luke Martin finally fell asleep, even as the questions to his dad on issues like ownerhip rules and network neutrality were heating up, prompting Senator Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) to comment: "Your son has proved that senators can put anyone to sleep."

I'm not sure that truth is not self-evident.

By John Eggerton