A Loss Remembered


Charles Gibson closed the Monday broadcast of World News with a nod to Peter Jennings on the one-year anniversary of his death.

"We made mention earlier in the broadcast that this is the one year anniversary of Peter Jennings’ death. It is not lost on any of us that the news these days is dominated by events in the Middle East - an area that Peter loved and a story that was in his pores, in his DNA.

"I suspect if Peter could have had a wish granted in world affairs it would have been for peace in that area. As is apparent, not all dreams come true.

"Countless times in the past three weeks, a question has come to mind about the Middle East, and I'm brought up short realizing that Peter's not here anymore to provide an answer or an opinion. It takes a long time for loss to settle in. Suffice it to say, Peter is missed, by many of you, and by all of us.

"That is World News for this Monday. I’m Charles Gibson. For all of us at ABC News, have a good evening. Good night."

By John Eggerton