LOCAL ELECTIONS 2010: KMPH Daily Politix Show Wraps, NY Gov Hopeful Raps


For the first time since April, KMPH Fresno did not air its daily California Vote 2010 program today. We’d reported previously that there was talk of extending the program past Election Day, but News Director Jim Turpin says it will be on hold for the time being, according to the original plan.

Stations throughout California aired the daily program.

Instead, KMPH is focused on the myriad races in California–governor, senator, local, all those props, including marijuana–throughout its newscasts today. The Titan Broadcast station will go live at 9 p.m. tonight, says Turpin, and stay on “until the last dog dies.” (At least I’m pretty sure that’s the metaphor he gave.)

Across the country, hopeful for New York governor Jimmy McMillan has offered a rap to explain why he should be governor–something his competition, Andrew Cuomo and Carl Paladino, cannot boast. NY 1 News political reporter Liz Benjamin offers the link on her State of Politics site.

McMillan is running on behalf of the Rent is Too Damn High Party.

Meanwhile, out in Vegas, all eyes are on the Reid-Angle senate race–all eyes except KLAS reporter Nathan Baca’s, it appears. KLAS had to work out a deal with Sharron Angle’s camp to get a reporter in to cover the proceedings from Republican headquarters at the Venetian tonight, reports the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Angle’s camp said it couldn’t be Baca, who’d had a run-in with Angle recently.

News Director Ron Comings didn’t appear thrilled to have Sharron Angle’s people set the terms of the station’s coverage, but did agree to keep Baca out of the Venetian.

The party “is a private event and if that was what it takes to provide that coverage to our audience, I am willing to make that concession,” Comings said. “It is too important not to be there, and it is not fair to our audience and all the other Republican candidates.”

Stations are hitting their stride nationwide as the early evening newscasts start to air in the east.

“If you love politics,” says KMPH’s Turpin, “this is a great night.”