Local Advertising Down


The TVB released numbers on ad revenues for Q2 and the first half of the year, along with a list of which of the big advertisers are spending, and which are keeping the purse strings tied up in a nasty knot. Here’s the list of the top ten advertisers and their spending for the second quarter of 2007, compared to Q2 2006. 

1. General Motors Corp. Dealers Assoc. -22.5%

2. AT&T +3.4%

3. Chrysler-Cerberus -12.7%

4. Ford Motor Co. Dealers Assoc. -17.4%

5. Nissan Motor Co. +31.4%

6. Toyota Motor Corp. Dealers Assoc. -22.3%

7. Honda Motor Co Ltd. -19.8%

8. Verizon Communications +40.9%

9. Ford Motor Co. -27.8%

10. Toyota Motor Corp. -7.6%

In short, thanks to Verizon and Nissan, some G.M.s’ kids might actually get an iPhone for Christmas.