Live blogging the Emmys, the grand finale


Let’s start part three by saying how freakin’ excellent Elaine Stritch is. And the crowd agrees — I don’t think I’ve ever seen a crowd sigh in unison when any other presenter has left the stage.

Greg Daniels wins for writing The Office — that guy really deserves it. In my experience, he’s not that funny in an interview but he’s well known for being the showrunner that can make any show hilarious. I think The Office bears that out.

Have I  mentioned yet how much I love The Office, although 30 Rock gives it a run for its money in being laugh-out loud funny.

I now feel scared that Wayne Brady is totally amusing me. But since I’ve had a geek crush on Rainn Wilson since Six Feet Under and a hip-hop crush on Kanye since Golddigger, I’m feeling momentarily happy. That was a very creative skit for that category, except that the bor-ing Amazing Race just won again. Anticlimatic.

Hmmm, my loves, Colbert and Stewart, not so funny in their little skit but they made up for it by being funny about Steve Carell. All is well in the world again.

Back to lesbianism: Felicity Huffman is rocking that dress. Anyway, I would have given Best Actress in a drama to Edie Falco but I know from posts ahead of mine that Sally Field wins. I’m a fan of Brothers & Sisters but she drives me crazy in that show. Plus she’s the worst awards-show speech-giver ever. That alone should prevent her from winning further awards. She almost made it all the way through this one, but then she started screeching. Let’s all say it together: "You like me, you really like me!"

And the best Emmy moment so far: the gorgeous America Ferrera upsets for Ugly Betty, and gives a far better speech than Sally Field.

Newlywed Kate Walsh also rocks her dress and then Spader wins the Emmy for Boston Legal and that’s like the worst Emmy moment so far. Don’t get me wrong, I love Spader (but hate that show), but that Emmy belonged to Gandolfini. On the other hand, this is one of the most amusing speeches of the night so kudos to Spader. That guy is funny because I’m pretty sure he’s never watched an episode of TV in his life. I don’t think he even owns a TV. I interviewed him when they spun off Boston Legal and he admitted he had never seen an episode of The Practice when he was cast.

Wow, 30 Rock just won Best Comedy. That has to be the upset of the night. Now, if someone would just watch it.

And they didn’t dominate as much as I thought they would, but of course The Sopranos wins for best drama series. The Grey’s cast doesn’t look so happy about it, but they can’t be surprised. And Chase ends the show by speculating that maybe the world is run by gangsters. If  you watched the show –  his chef d’oeuvre — you know what he really thinks.