Live-Blogging Current TV’s 1-Year Anniversary, by Intern Mike Singer


A year ago today, cable network Current TV, created by Al Gore and Joel Hyatt, had its launch. We commemorated the historic occasion with a blow-by-blow live blogging. This year, we're at it again.

10AM: Google Current – A news show that is talking about the happiest of countries and the well being of their people. They also pulled some “happy dances” from youtube and Google video.

10:03AM: Segment on the Queens blackout – The “Current Issue” talks about how the people got short-changed in the city’s response. There was a poor turnaround time on getting power back to the residents. The short shows how different individuals were affected by the 10-day power failure.

10:10AM: Segment on a dance group that performs to find a cure for AIDS – The group is called the Culture Shock Dance Group and they use their performance to enlighten audiences into understanding the extent of the AIDS epidemic.

10:17AM: Segment by Ayton Ben-Ami about the war in IsraelAyton is interviewing all the people in Israel who are fleeing from the North and learning that people are still trying to live their life amidst heavy bombardment. The two views being expressed are “Israel should kill the Arabs” and “Israel should end the fighting as soon as possible.” The Current Rant emphasizes both sides of the argument even within Tel-Aviv.