Live-Blogging Current TV’s 1-Year Anniversary, by Intern Mike Singer


10:24AM Reverend Jamie Washam – Documentary about the female reverend who runs UnderwoodMemorialChurch. She talks about the ins and outs of her six-day a week job. They aired her documentary last year on the network’s launch day. She appears to be a hip, young reverend who is trying to bring all walks of life to her church.

10:30AM Google Current – Random facts about baseball.

10:35AM A girl who is looking for a prom date – Looking for prom date on Craig’s list. All of the candidates seem to be nearly double her age. The funny thing is she is extremely attractive and a nice girl so she probably could get a normal 18-year-old kid. She had over 350 choices, and whittled it down to two guys but they managed to get into freak accidents. The next two she had to pick from were awkward and socially impossible. So, her brother introduced her to his friends and she finally found a date: A tattooed skater who’s already been to eight proms.