Lighten Up


I am as fond as the next guy of Carol Burnett. When others were out living lives of teenage angst and ecstasy on Saturday nights, I was home watching Burnett and Harvey Korman and Tim Conway and Lyle Wagoner and Vicky Lawrence and Jim Nabors and guest hosts Julie Andrews andJim Nabors and, well, you get the idea.

That's why I was sad to see she had taken aim at the wickedly funny Family Guy for its mocking of her charwoman character, though I you ask me that character was itself borrowed from clown Emmett Kelly, so the lineage isn't as pure as all that already.

Any way, I know that Family Guy's mockery iss rude and shocking–its show attacking the fCC indecency crackdown is a classic–while Burnett's was just harmlessly goofy, like the Scarlett O'Hara or Gloria Swanson send-ups. But each were of their own eras, and for my mind Family Guy is a top-notch parody of these times, and Burnett's character is fair game.

The let the mocking continue.

By John Eggerton