Lifetime Achievement Award for 'Positive' Thinking Anastos


Big congrats to WNYW New York anchor Ernie Anastos, who gets a Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences at the New York Emmys this Sunday.

Anastos, who’s been on the air in New York for three decades, has a special coming up on the Fox O&O in late May. He says he’s heard from viewers for years and years that there’s too much negative stuff on the air, and he’s addressing it with Positively Ernie–a special (and perhaps, a series down the road) showcasing the good being done in the community.

“I always run into people who say, ‘Ernie, why don’t they have more good news on the air? We love watching you, but sometimes, especially at night, it frightens me,’” he says. “I’m finding the kind of things you want put on air make people feel good.”

Positively Ernie will be a half hour special running on an as yet undetermined date in late May, at 10:30 p.m. It’s a website too, stocked with “motivational things people can listen to and help change lives,” Anastos says.

Anastos stresses that the not so positive news–crime, earthquakes, wars–is integral to the newscast too. But he’s stressing balance between the glum and the good.

Like former CNN anchor Daryn Kagan, he’s hoping to inspire people in the community to do their own deeds to help the community.  (Kagan’s site says, “Show the World What’s Possible!”)

Positively Ernie may live on after that May special. “It’s my hope to turn it into a regular show,” Anastos says. “I think having a weekly show, have these kind of stories on the air, would serve a real purpose.”