Lewis, Clark & Martin


Charlottesville Fire Chief Charles Werner, who testified before the Senate Commerce Committee in February on the need for spectrum for public safety communications is one first responder who thinks FCC Chairman Kevin Martin has gotten it right in proposed new auction rules for the 700 mHz spectrum.

The rules were circulated among the commissioners this week for their votes and include a block of 10 megahertz of spectrum adjacent to the 24 reserved for public safety. The winner of that block will have to negotiate with the public safety community to create a nationwide interoperable network, a public private partnership like that pitched by Frontline, although the spectrum will not be allowed to be resold or have net neutrality conditions..

In a letter to reporters, Werner said Martin had appeared to "cover most of what public safety has been seeking," and he likened Martin to "Lewis and Clark as they explored and charted the American frontier," and even Superman, saying ""Hopefully, the other FCC Commissioners will join Chairman Martin and demonstrate the FCC’s will to do the right thing for truth, justice and the Public Safety!"

By John Eggerton