Leno Promo Tweaks CBS Crime Dramas


 NBC unspooled a funny promo reel for Jay Leno’s upcoming primetime comedy/variety hour at its “infront” presentation to reporters on Monday. And it borrowed heavily from the content of its rivals, most prominently CBS.

In the video, Leno mused that since he’s going to be on at 10 p.m. this fall he thought he should check out what the other networks are doing in the hour.

The answer: “Murder.”

As a montage of violent TV deaths - stabbings, shootings, bloody motor vehicle accidents - unfolds, stars from competing crime dramas including Gary Sinise and Melina Kanakaredes from CBS’ CSI:NY, are seen gravely intoning the word “murder” - over and over and over and over…

Well, you get the picture.

The Jay Leno Show, blares the announcer, promises “100% more comedy and 98% less murder!”

Hugh Jackman, Jessica Alba, Charles Barkley and Matthew McConaughey also appear.

Barkley is concerned that the new show will not have all of those funny bits that have become Leno signatures. Don’t worry, says the announcer, Jaywalking and Headlines (White Cupcake Butt Cream, anyone?) will be in the new show.

“More comedy, less murder,” the announcer concludes, “Who could be against that?”

Well, Rainn Wilson, for one.

“Actually,” says Wilson, who plays the misanthropic Dwight Schrute on NBC’s The Office, “I have an issue with that.”

At which point Leno sneaks up on the unsuspecting Wilson and …shoots him.