Lazarus Rising?


Word on the street (as in K Street) is that Ed Lazarus, partner at law firm Akin Gump, is in line to be chief of staff whenever Julius Genachowski is installed in the big chair at the FCC.

 I have it on ‘blog’ authority, which is buzz plus one good source.

Genachowski was scheduled for a May 12 nomination hearing in the Senate Commerce Committee, but that has now been postponed.  And until a Republican (Meredith Attwell Baker, anyone?)  is named (and maybe two) by the fractious Elephants, it will still be acting FCC Chairman Michael Copps and his team calling the shots.

Maybe two because if Robert McDowell is not renominated, there will be another seat to fill. If journalists were allowed to advocate for reasonable, articulate and fair people to get government posts, I would say McDowell would be someone I would want on any commission I was planning to form, but that’s just me and I don’t get to pick sides. 

There was buzz on the street that a Republican nomination could finally break free Friday, but not solid enough to hang your eyeshade on. Or, about as solid as having reserved a seat at a Genachowski nomination hearing.

If Lazarus does eventually get the chief of staff post, it would boost the constitutional scholar quotient at the commission.

Genachowksi clerked at the Supreme Court, and so did Lazarus, the latter for then Justice Harry Blackmun. Lazarus has also written about the Supreme Court, including the book “Closed Chambers: The Rise, Fall and Future of the Modern Supreme Court.”

Lazarus’ law practice is described as ranging from tax, antitrust and administrative law to IP, constitutional law (no surprise there) and federal Indian law, about which he has also written.