Layoffs at Tribune's New Denver Setup


KWGN Denver was hit with a "significant number" of layoffs, reports the Denver Business Journal, as the Tribune CW outlet prepares to co-locate with its Local TV cousin KDVR. Tribune and Local TV share services through a joint operation known as "The Other Company"; last month, the two announced they were co-locating station operations in Denver and St. Louis. 

“We will continue to go head-to-head on our morning newscasts and focus on delivering more options for news viewing in the noon, 5:30 and late-news slots," new Denver boss Dennis Leonard said at the time. "Both of the stations have strong, loyal viewers. We will take the best of both newscasts and repackage it for each station.”

KDVR did not say how many layoffs there were, only that the number was "significant." News director Carl Bilek was among the casualties.