Last Night: ABC Kicks Off the Network Holiday Parties


After years of being held at the ABC Headquarters in a room on a high floor with a low ceiling, ABC upgraded their holiday party for press this year–both in venue and in guest list.

The party was held in the glassy Good Morning America studio overlooking Times Square. Barbara Walters and Chris Cuomo were mingling with the crowd (I watched a few reporters jam their business cards into Walters tiny and bewildered hand and wondered if they were going to try to call on her in the morning) and an impressive collection of ABC execs (including quite a few that flew all the way from sunny California) were in attendance.

They included Anne Sweeney, Bill Geddie of The View, Brian Frons of ABC Daytime, Bernie Gershon, Senior VP of ABC News digital media group, ABC Family Chief Paul Lee, uber-publicist Kevin Brockman, and ABC News President David Westin and his wife–among others.

There were also a few familiar faces like CynthiaMcFadden and Kate Snow.

A bonus for all us narcissistic reporters hob-knobbing and contact collecting our way around the room? Every attendees name ran across the lighted crawl the that surrounds the studio. With the turn-out, and all the impressed chatter about the turnout, it's a sure bet they will host the event in the same venue next year. Let's just hope they have those mini-tacos and hamburgers again….

By Caroline Palmer

John Tartaglia
(left), of Disney Channel’s
Johnny and the Sprites, and David Westin, president of ABC News, flank Westin’s wife, Sherrie. Photo courtesy of ABC.