"Lack of Judgment" Over WPRI Golf Shank

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It’s not quite a scandal on par with Tiger Woods’ marital indiscretions, but WPRI Providence is answering some tough questions after the station ran a golf video clip that appeared to include manufactured highlights. According to someone at the station, a photog shot B roll after the Ocean State Women’s Golf Association Championship had finished, tapping the two women who competed for the win to reenact key putts from the day’s match. The station then aired the after the fact clips of the winner and runner up missing their putts, and called the video highlights from the actual match.

(What hasn’t been reported as much is the honkin’ misspelling of “Amateur” that appears in the WPRI video.)

The Standard-Times broke the story, in which one of the golfers remarks on her fine “acting” performance in the clip.

The video has made the rounds, from TVSpy to seamy-underside-of-sports site Deadspin, to the ivory tower of big-J journalism that is Poynter.

WPRI released a statement, apologizing to viewers and saying it’s the station’s “strict policy never to recreate news.” WPRI acknowledged a “lack of judgment” and “miscommunication” within the station.

On the bright side for WPRI, political reporter/blogger Ted Nesi, who we profiled two months ago, was named to the “50 Politicos to Watch” list on Politico.com, one of four bloggers to make the list.

Politico writes:

Since signing on at the CBS affiliate in East Providence, R.I., just a year ago, Ted Nesi has hit the ground running, carving out a niche for himself with his highly readable blog, Nesi’s Notes.

He’s not a traditional television reporter - he was hired primarily to cover Rhode Island politics, policy and the economy online in his first-person voice.

But his mix of breaking news blurbs and investigative pieces makes it an increasingly relevant click, even if the Ocean State isn’t considered a pivotal battleground.