L.A. Comings and (Not?) Goings


KTTV/KCOP Los Angeles took the unique step of issuing “60-Day Notification” slips to 95 staffers near the end of June, informing them they were likely to lose their jobs after 60 days.

By our count, 60 days (including weekends) comes due this Friday. A Fox spokesperson says none of the 95 have been let go: “It’s status quo right now.”

Of course, the wording of the notifications suggested that the dismissals would take place after 60 days, which would push potential layoffs into next week, or later. Or, presumably, not at all, if the business has a huge turnaround.

L.A. rivals say they’re hearing from an increasing number of Fox staffers. Should be interesting to see how it plays out.

Speaking of the #2 DMA, there’s been a real coming and going of anchors of late. Of course, Alycia Lane turned up at KNBC some time after her dismissal from KYW Philadelphia for a variety of offenses deemed fireable (Editor’s Note: Lane sure does have a fair number of media handlers for a local TV personality.)

KTLA announced it has Micah Ohlman, formerly of KABC (and, for what it’s worth, nephew of former KNBC titan Paul Moyer), and Victoria Recano, formerly a correspondent on The Insider, fronting its 6 and 10 p news starting Sept. 14.

Finally, former KTTV anchor John Beard has reportedly taken a page from the Paula Abdul playbook to announce via Twitter that he’s interviewing for a talk radio job at KFWB.