KXAN Viewers Miss Winning Sudden-Death Goal


KXAN Austin may have another “Heidi Game” on its hands, says TV Spy, as LIN’s NBC affiliate cut to a promo when the game-winning goal was scored in the Stanley Cup finals last night.

The Chicago Black Hawks are playing the Boston Bruins, and the games have been lively ones, with plenty of dramatic overtime action.

TVSpy says:

The game was tied up at five and in overtime. With the Chicago Blackhawks on the attack against the Boston Bruins and with the puck almost on the stick of the man who scored the decider, the station cut away to a morning news promo and a car commercial. When the station cut back, the Blackhawks were coming off the bench to celebrate. 

KXAN’s talent apologized. 

“We unexpectedly and accidentally went to commercial break during overtime in tonight’s game,” said anchor Leslie Rhode. “It was, admittedly, the worst possible time to do that. We are so sorry. We apologize for that error.”