KUSA Anchor Recovering After On-Air Dog Bite


KUSA Denver anchor Kyle Dyer is recovering in the hospital after she was bitten in the mouth by an 85-pound Argentine mastiff during a morning newscast Wednesday. The station says Dyer, who underwent reconstructive surgery, will be out of action for a while.

The clip has gone viral, but KUSA is trying to stop that, reports the Yahoo News blog The Cutline:

Video of the attack, as you might imagine, has gone viral, but KUSA has been issuing take-down notices, trying to get the clip off the Internet. (The “Today” show won’t even show it.) 

The dog, Max, was on the show because he’d been rescued from an icy pond. He’s currently in animal control, and his owner was cited for a leash law violation.

“Kyle says she wants everyone to know she is OK and is concerned about the viewers who were watching the incident live on TV,” news director Patti Dennis said in a statement on The Cutline.