KRON to Hearst-Argyle?


We received an interesting comment from a reader yesterday about our Young/KRON post. "Bay Area Reports" said:

Many of our television analysts here think that Hearst will buy the station. We are also hearing that Fox will buy KNTV and the NBC affiliation will move to KRON. Hearst has KCRA, KSBW and My Network 58 in Stockton. So Hearst will come to the table and Vincent will either say yes or no.

Hearst owns the San Francisco Chronicle; KRON was launched by the deYoung family, who published the Chronicle way back when (thus KRON’s distinctive call letters). 

Of course, it’s just a random comment from an anonymous commenter. Or is it more than that?

Perhaps we’ll know more when Vincent Young conducts his conference call in 40 minutes.

Update: Here’s what went down in New York.