Kieran Clarke Heads East


Former KPTV/KPDX Portland (Ore.) boss Kieran Clarke is on the east coast again after 10 years in California and Oregon. Clarke had been splitting time between running the Meredith duopoly and Meredith Video Solutions, which produces the syndicated programming, VOD platform and Web content from Meredith franchises Better and 

The New York native says he’ll miss the west coast–and being a station guy. "It’s one of the best jobs in the country–it’s an awesome duopoly," he says of his previous gig. "I’m sad not to be a GM, but the creative opportunity here is terrific." 

Among Clarke’s contributions to the Portland market are a 4 p.m. news on KPTV and the city guide Former station manager Patrick McCreery gets to run the Fox and MyNet now. 

So…one of the planet’s biggest N.Y. Giants fans moves east a week and a half before Big Blue begins the defense of their Super Bowl title…coincidence or not?