Kidnapped News Crew Freed


Noted Filipino journalist Ces Drilon and her colleagues have been set free by the Islamist paramilitary group Abu Sayyaf following their abduction June 8. The NY Times says the militants demanded $340,000 in ransom by Tuesday, but Drilon’s network, ABS-CBN, said it would not pay. 

It appears some sort of payment was made to the kidnappers. 

The victims’ families and the network released the following statement yesterday:

Ces, Jimmy, and Angelo are finally all free. We cannot wait to bring them home to our families and to ABS-CBN. We are thankful that our prayers have been answered and our efforts rewarded.

We thank everyone who helped secure the release of Ces, Jimmy, and Angelo. We received a great outpouring of support from people all over the world who care for freedom. Their words of comfort and prayers guided and strengthened us throughout this ordeal.