Kidnapped Journos 'Alive and Well'


Scary story out of the Philippines. A news crew from the country’s largest network is said to have been kidnapped by the militant group Abu Sayyaf. The crew includes Ces Drilon, a senior reporter for ABS-CBN that the NY Times calls "one of the country’s best known journalists."

The reporters are "alive and well," reports ABS-CBN, though they’re still being held hostage in the mountains of Sulu province. Jimmy Encarnacion and Angelo Valderama are held captive with Drilon. 

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The militants seek ransom money, while the news outfit says it will not pay.  

"ABS-CBN News is doing everything it can to help the families of its kidnapped journalists through this harrowing ordeal,” the network said in a statement. “However, ABS-CBN News will abide by its policy not to pay ransom because this would embolden kidnap for ransom groups to abduct other journalists, putting more lives at risk."