Keep Your Digital Shorts On


If you like Justin Timberlake's risque D**k in a Box" bit on SNL–it is hilariousget those wireless devices handy.

NBC is teaming with its mobile content partners AT&T and Broadway Video on an interactive sweepstakes element in the May  5 "Best of" SNL clip show.

The show will reprise some of the most-talked-about sketches from the past season, including five of the series' new "digital shorts," from which viewers can choose their favorite short among "Body Fuzion," (starring Drew Barrymore), "D*** in a Box (warning, there are no asterisks in the NBC online version)," "Laser Cats 2," "Peyton Manning for The United Way," and "Sloths." by texting the appropriate code.

Voters will be automatically entered into a sweepstakes for a trip and tickets to SNL's season finale May 19th in New York.

By John Eggerton