'KARE Onlive' Lives No More


KARE Minneapolis is scrapping its KARE Onlive interactive show, Lost Remote reports. The 4 p.m. program would’ve turned 1 next month. 

We wrote last spring:

KARE President/General Manager John Remes says the 4 p.m. newscast is a way to better connect with viewers, especially those accustomed to getting news on-demand from the Internet and cable. “In the 100-channel universe and with the Web, they’ve got so many choices,” he says. “Viewers want news when it happens and when they want it…"

Apparently the interactive hook–anchors taking calls and emails from viewers–wasn’t enough to sustain the show, which ran simultaneously on air and online. 

Wonders Lost Remote: 

I never really understood how a TV show aimed at stay-at-home moms would attract an online audience at 4PM.