‘Jurassic Park’ on Wheels?


Those excited about Fox’s upcoming dino-drama (or want to re-live Steven Spielberg’s 1993 prehistoric theme park movie) should head to Comic-Con on Thursday, as Terra Nova begins its nationwide tour.

The upcoming series will use Comic-Con to roll out an interactive fan experience, “The Journey to Terra Nova” (time travel not included). A solar-powered bus will house an interactive video green screen that will enable visitors to insert themselves into a scene from the heavily-anticipated series, then later brag to (or terrify) their friends via www.journeytoterranova.com. And no, this won’t happen.

Fans will also be able to catch a sneak peek and relax at a futuristic-looking oxygen bar.

The bus will be situated at the Comic-Con Interactive Lot at San Diego’s Petco Park, where it will remain until July 24, when it goes on a cross-country tour through Sept. 26, the day Terra Nova premieres on Fox.

A full list of the cities on the tour follows below; specific locations have not yet been announced.

July 21-24 - San Diego

July 26 - Las Vegas, Nev.

Aug. 3 - San Francisco

Aug. 5-10 - Los Angeles

Aug. 12 - Phoenix

Aug. 16-17 - Dallas, Texas

Aug. 18 - Houston

Aug. 20 - New Orleans, La.

Aug. 24 - Chicago

Aug. 26 - St. Louis

Aug. 28 - Nashville, Tenn.

Sept. 1 - Orlando, Fla.

Sept. 5 - Atlanta

Sept. 8 - Charlotte, N.C.

Sept. 12 - Cincinnati

Sept. 14 - Pittsburgh

Sept. 17 - Washington, D.C.

Sept. 18 - Baltimore

Sept. 21 - Boston

Sept. 23 - Philadelphia

Sept. 24-26 - New York