The Joy of Lex


Our new market profile is on Lexington, Kentucky, which has been anxiously watching the news about Toyota’s manufacturing woes, as there’s a Toyota plant that employs over 6,000 in the market. On a brighter note, Lexington is hosting the giant World Equestrian Games for two weeks in September–the first time the horse Olympics has been held outside of Europe.

Gray’s WKYT and Cordillera’s WLEX split the ratings races in DMA No. 62. I said in the profile that WKYT was the revenue leader in 2008–the last year BIA/Kelsey has revenue figures for, at least until they publish the 2009 figures in April.

WLEX GM Pat Dalbey told me his station won the 2009 race, per Hungerford figures.

Broadcast Engineering reported yesterday that WKYT is switching from VHF to the UHF spectrum.

For everything you’d ever wanna know about the Lexington TV market, check out the new issue or visit the link here.