Joe Buck Lands Big Brett Favre Interview


When I talked to Joe Buck recently about his new HBO show, Joe Buck Live, debuting Monday night at 9, he said the most important thing about the new format is the main interview. And for his premiere episode, he landed a biggie.

Former Packers and Jets quarterback Brett Favre will be his first live guest. And you could argue that is as big a get as there is in sports right now.

While Packers and Jets faithful (and some other pigskin fans) are probably sick of him, the future Hall of Famer has yet to speak about when–sorry, if–he will become a Minnesota Viking, one of the most followed stories in sports right now.

When I found out last week (and was sworn to secrecy for fear of personal injury) by HBO execs that Favre was top of Buck’s wish list, I thought it would be a big coup if they landed him–as big as if he ends up wearing purple and gold this fall for my hometown team.

Now all he needs to say Monday night is that he is signing with Minnesota, and both Buck and my fellow Vikings fans will all be winners.