Jimmy Kimmel Has Fun at NBC's Expense

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ABC late night host Jimmy Kimmel used his customary upfront performance to skewer NBC as well as his own network. 

In his Lincoln Center stand-up act, Kimmel said NBC called its event an "infront" because "they’ll be just in front of the CW."

He joked that NBC had a party while ABC didn’t because "I have a feeling they needed a drink."

And needling the amount of shows NBC has bought from Reveille (now ShineReveille), Kimmel said that to turn around its fortunes, NBC "may even need to get outside Ben Silverman’s production company."

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But the late night host had plenty left for his own employer.

On ABC’s decision to pick up Scrubs after it was jettisoned by NBC, Kimmel noted that it is "always a good idea to borrow shows from the last place network."

And about ABC’s conservative fall schedule, he noted "Here at ABC, we are very excited about both our new shows."

As talk continues to swirl about Jay Leno’s future, Kimmel joked that when he "showed up, Jay Leno was taking a bath in my dressing room."

He added there "is about a 40 percent chance you will see me at the Fox upfront Thursday."

All the ribbing came after Kimmel opened by saying, "Welcome to the WGA strike after-party, or the SAG strike pre-party."