Jeff Murri's Colleagues Remember 'Great Man and Great Broadcaster'


I got a nice note from Lyle Schulze, VP and general manager at WCTI in Greenville-New Bern-Washington, NC, about Jeff Murri this morning.

Murri took his own life February 2. His colleagues and competitors recall him as a warm and energetic person and a gifted broadcaster; the WJBK Detroit GM was B&C’s General Manager of the Year in 2011. 

Schulze says we can share his remembrances of Jeff here; he says it “gives us a great opportunity to remember him for what he was to us–a great person and a great broadcaster.”

Others who knew Jeff are encouraged to send their own thoughts, either through the comments section or via email (

Writes Lyle:

I read with interest your blog on remembering Jeff Murri. I became a fan of Jeff when I managed WSYM-TV FOX 47 in Lansing, MI. I reached out to Jeff on many occasions to share like practices. We even collaborated during the Detroit Tigers playoff/World Series run in 2006. I took Jeff’s 3 hour pre-game show prior to each of the games. He graciously gave me all of the inventory to sell. Afterwards we stayed in touch on a variety of matters. You were absolutely spot on about his charisma and overwhelming enthusiasm for the job. It would be hard to match Jeff blow for blow. I am very shocked to hear about his untimely death. These are hard jobs! Obviously, Jeff had a ton of weight on his shoulders. Thanks again for sharing with all of your readers what a truly wonderful person he was.

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