It's Not the Heat, It's the Stupidity


The joy I was feeling last night after watching my hometown (well, close enough) Miami Heat win their fourth straight game against the Dallas Mavericks for their first ever NBA championship was uncontrollable.

Until, that is, ABC ruined it all. After an amazing series which blessed us with the reincarnation of Michael Jordan himself in the form of Dwayne Wade (actually Wade outperformed Jordan, if you compare their first Finals), ABC ruined the fun when I realized their telecast was on delay. After the final buzzer, Heat owner Mickey Arison took the stage and thanked “the hundreds of front office people who worked their ***** off!”

Yes, ABC, working on time delay, bleeped out “asses.” What’s next, blacking out players’ mouths because Dirk Nowitzki wasn’t yelling “that’s bucking hullship!” during the game? And isn’t this the same network that failed to bleep out (or black out) Dennis Franz’s ass years before? Which is more indecent?

But my real problem is the Heat had already won the championship before I even knew. It may have been only by a few seconds, but who really knows unless you were there? Isn’t that why we watch sports–to feel like we’re there?

By Scotty C. The Intern