It Doesn't Always End Well For Former Fox Affiliates


We’ve been writing a whole lot of late about stations going it alone after splitting up with a network over their affiliation; Fox seems to be the network I’m writing about the most these days.

I just got off the phone with Darnell Washington, a station sales veteran and the happy owner of four low power stations in the south and Midwest that will affiliate with NBC come the fall. 

Washington mentioned being a part of Destiny Communications’ KTGF in Great Falls, Montana, a former NBC affiliate that become a Fox.

Washington says Fox ended up taking the affiliation away. While other stations losing their affiliations are heaping up on the local and off network programming to take a shot at being a winning independent, it didn’t work out so hot for KTGF. After a short run as an independent station, Washington says the station ended up going dark.

According to my BIA Kelsey book, Fox currently airs in Great Falls, which is DMA No. 190, on ABC outlet KFBB’s dot-2 channel.