Internet-Streaming Spuds Unite


Still reeling from this week’s YouTube/CNN debate, where snowmen competed with singing questioners for the attention of, potentially, the next ruler of the free world, I stake my claim for coining a new term for the nexxt generation of video-engorged citizenry.

Actually, I was also prompted by the realization that I was one of them, sort of, spending more and more time in a chair watching YouTube videos of everything from Barack Obama’s foxy faux fan to Glenn Campbell and John Hartford’s delightful duet on Gentle on My Mind." It was as if an occult hand had reached out and placed this new term in my subconscious as I began to go from one video to another almost on instinct, searching randomly on keywords that struck my fancy and picking through the results for the next cashew among the salted peanuts.  But I digress before I even "gress."

I think we should call the next generation of couch potatoes, who can actually be of any age, 

I have Googled and Yahooed the term and gotten no hits, so I am claiming this as my linguistic Everest summiting, or something like that.