Industry Tweets That Caught Our Eye: Oct. 28, 2009


Below are B&C’s picks for the top five industry tweets of the day.

@liztigelaar  Wishes I had direct TV. I want to watch Friday Night Lights before January.

@davidgregory  Look for me tonight on Jay Leno tonight. the 10 at 10 segment.

@maddow Poor TRMS staff. Nothing in cable prepares you for a host who’s breathless with excitement to talk about the F-22 fighter jet.

@ChrisCuomo Had three women at lunch ask me what perfume I was wearing (File under: “just when u thot u cldnt be more pathetic”)

@joelmchale Sitting with Donald Glover(Troy), Danny Pudi(Abed), and Chevy Chase(Pierce) in Community’s fake cafeteria.

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