Industry Tweets That Caught Our Eye: Oct. 26, 2009


Below are B&C’s picks for the top five industry tweets of the day.

@liztigelaar on the phone with production, talking about three legged turtles. i love my job!

@ChrisCuomo Meatloaf recipe (for what it’s worth) online. Push on my face on gma site…think its on there

@timcarvell Pitch for medical show: It’s “House”, with a twist: He’s a terrible doctor whose patients all die, but he’s so charming, no one cares.

@billmaher Why does Obama have to play hoops with women? I don’t remember Bush inviting girls on his play dates

@badgate By the November sweeps you can guess which new shows the networks have high hopes for based upon whether they get pre-empted or not.

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