Industry Tweets That Caught Our Eye: Dec. 3, 2009


Below are B&C’s picks for the top five industry tweets of the day.

@badgate (Brad Adgate, media director, Horizon Media): Remember NBC upfront presentation in 1985, Brandon Tartikoff indicates GE’s sole contribution by turning on a light bulb from the podium.

@danbharris (Dan Harris, anchor/reporter, ABC News): Crazy beautiful day in Harvard Yard. However, being around college kids makes me feel super old.

@shondarhimes (Shonda Rhimes, creator Private Practice): Fun fact: Kate Walsh asked if she could make her own webisodes for fans. We give her a camera, she does what she wants. Funniness happens.

@joelmchale (actor, comedian): Okay folks even though there’s NFL football on tonight I expect you to watch Community at 8pm on NBC. Go ahead and tell the NFL, I don’t [care]

@howardkurtz (columnist): Hope Comcast runs NBC better than its DC cable system. Abominable service gets customers sputtering mad - or bailing. Take note, Zucker.

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