Images From NOLA


The station Websites in New Orleans are offering up some interesting and harrowing videos from Gustav. WGNO offers this from the AP, which shows the flood waters creeping over the wall of the Industrial Canal. 

WDSU shows the effect of those 100 mph-plus winds (click on "Strong winds down trees on Canal Street").

WWL has a rich VOD batch, including these efforts to save a levee in Plaquemines (fittingly, we caught a pre-roll for Lowe’s–let’s build something together–when we watched this one). And here’s some footage taken by a staffer at the joint WWL/Louisiana Public Broadcasting facility in Baton Rouge–note the large section of roof on the ground.

I saw a lot of user photos on the various station sites, though not a lot of video. Obviously residents had better/safer things to do than standing outside shooting video of the storm–if they were in New Orleans at all.