(I Still Say) Pull MSNBC Out of NBC News


A little more than two years ago I wrote a column saying NBC Universal should pull MSNBC out from under the umbrella of NBC News. Soon after writing the column, I heard from multiple high-level execs within the company that there were those that read the column and didn’t disagree. To the folks at Comcast: now two years later in the wake of these strange suspensions (Joe Scarborough’s turn was Friday), I can’t help but revisit the theme, which I still think holds up.

MSNBC has forged a very strong brand. And MSNBC’s only hang-up is that it falls under a news division. Pull it out of the news division, and let Scarborough, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow and company do their thing: make compelling television, period, and not worry about anything else.

Don’t get me started on whether what they - or most people in cable news primetime - do is “news” anyway.

Click here to read the column from 2008. Though reading it again, I am not sure most if it couldn’t have been written today.