I Spy

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I was watching The Colbert Report. He was interviewing Judy Woodruff, who was plugging her PBS special about Generation Next, but I can't remember what she said because I was trying to identify the stuff behind her on the wall and shelves of the set.

From what I could tell, there was a picture of Hugh Laurie of House, a miniature set of the 10 Commandments, the Scales of Justice, and a couple of those Rock 'EM, Sock 'Em Robots from the 1960's that have been revived in that truck commercial.

If they want me to pay attention to the guests, and maybe they don't, they need to put a key online to the stuff on that set so I won't spend my time trying to figure out what else is back there. There is a picture of somebody next to who I think is Hugh Laurie, and maybe some kind of play sword to my right of the pictures.

I will let you know if I figure out anything else, and I'm sure you are waiting with wild anticipation for my next dispatch. Or maybe not.

By John Eggerton