The i Generation


Fox's rep as an administration-friendly network has become an easy brush with which to tar it, but it is far too broad.

Fox News Channel inarguably, at least I think inarguably, provides a counterpoint to what is seen as a left-leaning press, but it also does some good journalism.

Then there is Fox's entertainment programming. 24 is about the war on terror, but have you noticed that it has featured at least one weak President whose actions have exacerbated the problem and worse. Not that it bears any resemblance to any living persons, but the point is that it is often not a flattering picture of government terrorism-fighting competence.

All of this is by way of justifying a reference to the YouTube clip from Fox's Mad TVthat has been bicycling its way around Washington. I won't give it away, but suffice it to say it is not a valentine to the current administration either

By John Eggerton