House's Wide Political Stance

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Not every show has the inclination or opportunity to wear its politics on its sleeve the way ABC’s Boston Legal  does so entertainingly.

For example, Fox’s House last night was about yet another baffling medical case, not exactly the gilt-edged invitation to sermonizing of, say, a Supreme Court scene on Boston Legal, though there are certainly possibilities for commentary on health care reform or embryonic stem cell research.

But I digress.

In one scene, Dr. House surprises a forensic team member in a bathroom stall with a "wide stance" foot tap, a reference to Republican Larry Craig’s infamous incident in an airport bathroom.

on the wall of the stall throughout that scene is a bumper sticker proclaiming "Vote for Change O8."

Now, that may have simply been a bit of set-dressing, but combined with the Craig reference, it appeared to be more along the lines of a quasi-subliminal (OK, it was actually pretty liminal) political mesage.