House on Fire


Let’s be clear: House owns Tuesday night. Nothing else even comes close.

House averaged a 7.3 rating/18 share among adults 18-49, which is head and shoulders and hips above everything else that airs on what otherwise is an anemic night of programming. It’s like everyone runs to the TV on Tuesdays at 9 p.m., flips to Fox, watches House, and then goes off to do whatever else it is they are doing besides watching network primetime.

House turns in that performance based solely on its merits. The show has no real lead-in with Bones – although that show has become a solid performer, taking second place in the 8 p.m. hour behind CBS’ NCIS.

What’s more, House skews young. It averaged 17.7 million viewers last night, compared to NCIS’ 16 million viewers. But while House averaged a huge 7.3/18 in adults 18-49, NCIS turned in a respectable but much lower 3.4/10. What that tells you is that House’s demos are right in the sweet spot, while NCIS has a big audience of people older than 49. I personally think people 50+ still buy stuff, but apparently they just aren’t that interesting to advertisers.

Meanwhile, the insipid and silly Cavemen and Carpoolers both fell off substantially week to week, as predicted. Reaper looks like a keeper for The CW – although the network still is waiting for DVR numbers, like everybody else. And I’m expecting Cane – which started at a 2.5/7 and fell to a 2.2/6 in the second half-hour, is simply getting crushed by Law & Order: SVU and is underperforming the last two shows that aired in that time slot – to get pulled any minute now.