At Home on 'House'


OK, I have to take a break from all-election, all-the-time coverage to talk about another type of House member.

That is David Morse. He is my early pick for the Emmy for best guest actor in a drama. His now two-eipsode-old turn on Fox's drama as a cop out to put Dr. House in his place is one seriously scary and impressive piece of acting.

It is said to be a six-episode turn for the versatile actor, which will be a dozen or so too few for me.

I have liked Morse since his days as a doctor himself on St. Elsewhere, where he had a gravitas that belied the babiest face in the biz.

But that face has filled out, and the tall actor has redefined menace for me–there were intimations in Hack–with his portrayal of a police detective out for revenge after being treated to the House bedside manner, which is more like a Rikers Island cot-side manner, actually.

Hugh Laurie's House character may have finally met his match, which is almost a little offputting, though he has gotten so rude and cruel that somebody needed to kick his cane–Morse did, by the way. Laurie also thinks Morse is "fantastic."

Somebody needs to grab Morse quick for a starring role in the next procedural drama. You can't spit a punch-loosened tooth these days without hitting a procedural. He's like a Jack Webb for the new millennium, with a deadpan delivery that has a serial-killer bone chill to it. We want to keep this guy on the side of the law, trust me.

I might even watch CSI: Boise if Morse were doing the Gary Sinese bit in that burb.

By John Eggerton