Hollywood is Not Bethlehem


"Fox is Shilling for the Democrats." "Hollywood is not Bethlehem…"

Those are two phrases uttered Wednesday that don't exactly mean what they seem to say, which is that TV's fair and balanced company has tilted left and that tinseltown is a wicked place.

The first actually was from Fox News Channel. But is was from a report of the allegation by some on the other side of the embryonic stem cell research debate that Michael J. Fox was politicizing his disease in those now-famous TV spots.

The other was from Bob Wright, vice chairman of GE, chairman and CEO of NBC Universal, and CAE (chief anti-piracy evangelist) for the industry.

In a speech to the Los Angeles World Affairs Council, Wright was talking about Bethlehem, Pa., and making the point that though he was painting a gloomy picture of the TV industry-"Network and local TV stations ad revenue is weakening. The syndication marketplace is flat. DVR penetration is growing, leading to contentious debates about audience measurement and metrics for advertisers"–he was not suggesting the town was in as bad shape as the steel industry after WWII.

By contrast, he said, Hollywood has "huge opportunities for growth."

Just thought you should know.

By John Eggerton