Hey, Getcher Colbert!


Yesterday I came to bury Caesar (though not Sid Caesar), now I come to praise him.

The TV Academy got one thing, make that four things, really right in its nominations announcement Thursday. The Colbert Report got four nods in its first season.

The Comedy Central Daily Show spin-off is a star in the late night sky. Colbert has his funny ear to the ground and his finger on the funnybone of an antsy and anxious nation, or something like that.

His weekly profile of a different congressional district–may the show last for all 435 of them–are marvelous and even educational in a delightful, "spoonful of satire helps the medicine go down" way.

It makes me want to vote for the good sports who play along with his off-the-ceiling questions, showing the kind of humanity and humor that would have gotten Al Gore elected and, well, let's not think too hard on that one.

But wait, the sun has broken through the clouds and I am feeling a little better about some of the nominations. Though A Hugh Laurie-less Best Actor category remains a scar not even the folks on Nip/Tuck can remove.

But the Academy also got it right with the numerous nods for PBS' dynamite bio of Bob Dylan: No Direction Home, which shouldn't need directions to the winners circle come Aug. 27, when the awards are doled out.

I also like the idea of the "Outstanding Hairstyling" nomination for Six Feet Under. Does that include the coiffes on the corpses.

My vote, which I don't have, for Outstanding Music & Lyrics goes to High School Musical's nominated "Getcha Head in the Game," an infectious rap that has been rattling around in my head since my daughter got the CD.

And finally, I think, Gregory Itzen deserved a shout-out for his shifty-eyed, weak-chinned, ends-justify-the-means president on 24. In fact all three prominent TV presidents got nominated for Emmys: Itzen, Martin Sheen, and Geena Davis. Go, Martin!

OK, it was actually the penultimate observation. Here comes final: James Woods should be a lock for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama for his turn as Dr. Nate Lennox on ER.

By John Eggerton