Hewitt, McGuire, Earley join the ranks of the PR promoted


As the saying goes, a butterfly flutters its wings and a typhoon is born.

It’s not quite so dramatic, but we’ve seen quite a few switches in the world of Hollywood PR this week, with several vets (I initially said “old pros,” but decided people might take offense at being called old) moving up the chain.

The latest of these is Paul Hewitt’s move to SVP of network communications at The CW, where he’ll oversee and develop overall network communications strategies and work with reporters. He’ll also oversee all internal communications. On the consumer side, Hewitt will work with Pamela Morrison, SVP/publicity and talent relations and Bonnie Moffet, SVP/photo publicity, to promote The CW’s shows across all platforms.

“Paul is a skilled strategist with exceptional media contacts and an implicit understanding of The CW’s young demographic and how to reach it across all platforms,” said Dawn Ostroff, The CW’s president, entertainment, to whom Hewitt will report. Hewitt has worked for Ostroff, and came over from UPN with her when UPN merged with The WB to form The CW.  “He is an outstanding public relations executive, a peerless writer and is well-respected inside and outside the company.”

Hewitt is especially skilled at writing catchy headlines for one ratings release after another, and for remaining on the phone for incredibly long stretches of time.

Hewitt succeeds Paul McGuire, well known as the menschiest PR pro in the industry, who moves over to Warner Bros. to become SVP/worldwide corporate communications at Warner Bros. Entertainment. In turn, McGuire is taking the place of Scott Rowe, who this week was named SVP/worldwide communications at Warner Bros. Television Group. Tammy Golihew also was upped in that move, essentially succeeding Sharan Magnuson, who had to depart the company for health reasons.

Off the subject of Warner Bros.-related moves, Fox’s Joe Earley this week was named president, marketing and communications for Fox Broadcasting Co. Earley last year was named a B&C Brandbuilder, and he’s been at Fox since 1994 when he joined as senior publicist. Early is passionate about what he does (Glee!), and Fox still sends out the best graft in the industry. I’m looking at my Family Guy flask right now.

To bring it all full circle, Hewitt got his start at Fox, so maybe a butterfly is flapping its wings somewhere out there in Hollywood. A really big butterfly named Bruce Rosenblum.

Congrats to all.