The Hef-CC


The FCC Saturday was advising some viewers that they need to be getting their TV via rabbit ears and a bow-tie. That was in one of its daily e-mail countdown alerts for the DTV transition hard date June 12.

The commission is trying to get as much news coverage for the countdown as possible. I even saw Acting FCC Chairman Michael Copps on the CBS Sunday news plugging the transition Sunday night, at least I think it was him. It was across the room on a restaurant TV and the sound was turned down, but he’s pretty unmistakable.

Anyway, the FCC’s mention of the two types of antennas for picking up VHF and UHF signals made me wonder if the Playboy TV folks have thought of capitalizing on that fact to market their TV service, which is also brought to us by Playboy’s own iconic rabbit ears and a bow-tie. Or at least that is what I am told the Playboy logo is by those of my friends who may have watched such programming accidently while trying to tune in to a nature documentary or local coverage of a debate between city council candidates.

I am also told Playboy has a print publication, though that knowledge is only second-hand from the rowdier toughs in my old neighborhood who used to bully me on the way to violin lessons for my preference for Highlights magazine and the adventures of the Timbertoes.

But I digress. If I were Playboy, I would find a way to point out that my rabbit ears and bow-tie are included with the service, and need no adjusting on June 12.