Heacox Hopes For 'Rain'


This came in after we’d filed the story on KING Seattle’s blog aggregatorCitizenRain.com, but KING G.M. Ray Heacox is bullish on the project, which features Seattle-centric blogs and news items from a wide range of sources. Heacox cited digital media guy Cory Bergman, the site’s architect, as being ahead of the game in terms of the station’s Web strategy (Cory is half the brains behind digital-media must-read Lost Remote), and said CitizenRain, which is linked from the KING home page was already "among the top view-getters on our site." 

Heacox also voiced support for the site’s novel approach to news gathering, which includes linking to posts from KING’s competitors as well as KING stories. "You have absolutely no credibility with the wider blog universe unless you offer everything," he says. "We’re about giving the people what they want, not just what we can control."